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About This Product

Hello and welcome to the EDITORIAL ARENAS EDUCATIVAS resource store. I tell you that most of my resources are presented for free because our purpose is to help teachers and/or children who want to learn in a didactic way.


That's why we make these products in the most attractive way possible, so take advantage of the fact that most of these resources are free to download them now.


Please read the following information carefully so that you know what this document is about:


2. Title of the pedagogical resource:

The title of this resource is "12 dominoes"

3. Topic to work on:

This game will help you develop children's intelligence, as well as other cognitive processes such as attention, memory, and visualization.

4. Area of ​​knowledge where it should be applied:

You can apply this game in multiple areas of knowledge.

5. Number of pages contained:

This document is made up of 3 pages, on each page you will find 4 dominoes, which means that in the end you have 12 dominoes.

6. Is it available in color or white/black?

This educational document is available in color to make it much more attractive for your children.

7. What version is it available in?

This educational document is available in PDF version, A4 size.

8. Editable/Not Editable:

This educational resource is not editable.

9. Age at which it can be applied:

You can apply this educational document to children from 4 to 8 years old or in general to any age who is interested in playing dominoes.

10. Tags or keywords that describe the content:

domino, domino game, game for children, brain games.

11. Ways to print:

Print this document, then cut out each of the pieces, also, if possible, laminate them to make them more resistant.

12. Forms of application in class:

Apply this document in groups of children of approximately 2 to 3.


This file is for personal use only. It is not allowed to be resold or shared with others.

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