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FREE: Frindle Novel Study Guide – Chapter 1

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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

This is a FREE sample of our Frindle Novel Study Guide. In this sample, you can enjoy the entire first chapter of comprehension content, including vocabulary words with definitions, fill-in-the-blank questions, true or false, multiple choice, short answer questions, and answer key.

The full resource includes additional chapter comprehension questions following the same format as chapter 1, as well as word puzzles, such as word decoder, word search, word scramble, crossword, and hangman. Also included are bonus major projects.


About this Resource:

This resource is a study of the novel Frindle, written by Andrew Clements. The Novel Study Guide includes vocabulary and comprehension questions for each chapter of the novel. Students are meant to read the chapter, then answer the matching questions for that chapter. Teachers can choose to hand the questions out one chapter at a time, or group them into sections. A natural section break is provided in this guide with assessment-style puzzles. Teachers can hand out the chapter sections, followed by the assessment puzzle.

About the Chapter Worksheets:

Each chapter includes 4 pages: a Vocabulary page, Short Answer page, Long Answer page, and Answer Key.

Vocabulary: 10 words taken from the chapter are listed with their meanings. 10 fill-in-the-blank questions are given. Students must finish each sentence using a vocabulary word.

Short Answer: 6 True or False questions are provided. Students must answer each statement as True or False. 6 multiple choice questions are provided. Students must answer each question with the best answer option.

Long Answer: 6 comprehension and critical thinking questions are provided. Students answer each question with complete sentences on the lines provided.

About the Section Puzzles:

5 assessment-style puzzles are provided in this resource. They appear at the end of chapter sections.

Word Decoder: Several word puzzles are provided. Each puzzle is written using numbers. Use the provided legend to decode the word puzzle.

Word Search: A word search puzzle and selection of vocabulary words are provided. Find the vocabulary words hidden in the puzzle.

Word Scramble: Several word puzzles are provided. Unscramble the words to make the vocabulary words.

Crossword: A crossword puzzle, selection of vocabulary words and clues are provided. Solve each clue with the vocabulary word that matches. Write the vocabulary word in the matching spot in the crossword puzzle.

Hangman: Guess letters to fill in the hidden vocabulary words. Guess a wrong letter and fill in the hangman. Finish the word before the hangman is done.

About the Major Projects:

4 end-of-unit major projects are provided at the end of the resource. Complete these at the end of the unit.

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