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FREE Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

FREE Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts
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About This Product

FREE Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Resource

The FREE Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts resource is specifically designed for Kindergarten, Pre-school, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. It's a comprehensive teaching aid that brings together multi-prong educational goals such as artistic ability development, cognitive growth, and theme understanding.

Fundamentals of The Resource

  • Cornucopia spring pop-up template featuring various fruits and vegetables.
  • Paper spring templates.
  • A4 instruction card outlining crafting procedures.
  • Lessons seamlessly incorporating art & music.

Suitable both as group activities in a classroom setting or quiet activities for early finishers. And the best part? These sheets function just like homework assignments making them very easy to manage!

"When we encourage creativity in children, we are not only cultivating their artistic skills but bolstering necessary cognitive capabilities too."
Fostering Skill Development

Fine motor skill refinement through coloring exercises combined with scissor usage and gross motor skill development have been kept in focus during the design of this resource. The final output is not merely visually delightful artwork – it’s a reflection of progress made towards fostering creativity amongst kids along with enhancing their attention span.

Preparing For Use
The preparation effort required is minimal. Collect all relevant resources or templates suggested by instruction cards before the activity begins so younger children don't have struggle managing complex tasks themselves. The real reward comes when children bring forth their unique handiwork taking home nifty holiday decor while internalizing integral lessons on Thanksgiving.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 1 template of arts and crafts activity which it the Cornucopia spring pop-up with fruits and vegetable pieces and paper spring templates. This also include an A4 instruction card for more information on making the craft.

Resource Tags

Thanksgiving crafts Art activities Fine motor skills Creativity development Cognitive growth

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