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French 2: Module 2_Le Maghreb: Un terre, des peuples

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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French 2: Module 2_Le Maghreb: Un terre, des peuples

A comprehensive unit developed to explore the culturally rich region of the Maghreb. This extended teaching resource, suitable for students spanning grades 9 through 12 studying World Languages with a focus on French, offers an in-depth understanding of North African Francophone countries.

Central Questions Addressed:

The central questions addressed within this module delve into the reasons as to why certain people from this region speak French and the varying contexts which influence such language adoption. A core focus will be placed upon perceptions and perspectives differing between individuals observing identical scenarios or circumstances. Through these explorations, students are aided in humanizing individuals that have beliefs significantly different from theirs.

Objectives of This Unit:

  • Communication Skills: Imparting communication skills like discussing opinions about a French film and handling grammar in advanced classes;

  • Cultural Awareness: Acquiring cultural awareness about key ethnic groups, their customs and products prevalent within North Africa;

  • Gaining Insights: Gaining insights about geopolitical dynamics via understanding terms like Islamic State and jihadism;

  • Nurturing Empathy:  Nurturing empathy towards cultural identity factors impacting an individual's interpretative frameworks.

Incorporated Activities:

  • An array of activities reinforce these objectives: Global Thinking Routines based on film stills

  • a Google Slides presentation chronicling Morocco's history alongside diverse cultural legacies pertaining to Berber/Amazigh communities.

In addition to these,

PRACTICAL ELEMENTS like Workshops detailing Moroccan tea-making rituals. -INTERPRETIVE TASKS feature IPA Style readings sourced authentically including publications from Le Monde alongside EdPuzzle Listening Activities enhancing auditory comprehension skills. Content Knowledge Quizzes are used as assessment tools gauging educational outcomes across units.

Note: This module makes demanding topics like colonization/decolonization politics accessible by grappling personally with biases/preconceptions related to Islam and North African countries. It leverages Google Docs™ as its primary delivery mode while maintaining a structured pedagogical approach.

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