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Intermediate French Song Activity Camélia Jordana ¨Non Non Non¨

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The Intermediate French Song Activity: A Music-Based Teaching Approach

Featuring the pop song "Non non non" by popular French artist Camelia Jordana, this comprehensive five-day unit is ideal for teaching world languages, specifically French. This unique educational resource is best suited to students in grades 9 to 12 who have some level of familiarity with basic French language structure.

  • A Creative Medium: By using music as a medium for teaching irregular verbs like devoir, pouvoir, and vouloir, it offers a creative way to keep students engaged while learning.

  • Critical Thinking: Students will also develop their critical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting their reactions to hypothetical breakups against those portrayed in the lyrics of the song - encouraging emotional intelligence development alongside language learning.

This product includes an evaluation component comprising comprehension questions revolving around key elements of the song and personalized questions utilizing our focus verbs. All materials are organized into Google Docs files for flexibility across various devices including PCs or tablets - useful in both classroom settings as well as homeschooling environments.

In Summary:

This resource integrates arts within academia offering an innovative method towards language instruction. By combining music enjoyment with practical learning experiences, it fosters better absorption & understanding – potentially instilling a lifelong affinity toward global languages among students!

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