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French 2: Unité 2: La santé

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Title: French 2: Unité 2: La santé - A Teaching Resource for Health Care Education in French Language

This educational resource centers on health care instruction and is specifically designed for teaching advanced students of the French language. Although originally developed for a highly proficient French 2 class, the richness of its authentic content can equally serve more elevated classes as well (up to AP or French 4 level).

The unit titled "La santé" consists of a comprehensive student resource packet thus acts like a digital workbook. It features several thematic study subjects, communication skills training, as well as assessments to test gained knowledge.

Upon completion of this course, students will acquire significant competencies in areas such as:

  • Communication:

    • Conveying needs effectively to health personnel during routine or emergency situations.

    • Accurately expressing their current and past feelings utilizing reflexive verbs within the present tense and passé composé.

  • Culture:

    • Understanding how American and French healthcare systems operate.

  • Global Competency:

    • Recognizing various universal perspectives on healthcare.

    • Identifying how living conditions impact one's health outcomes.

    Discussing the concept that health is a human right; comparing it across diverse nations with specific focus on USA. Also discusses contraception perspectives between France & USA (This optional competency is advised based on educator’s judgment).

    The unit comprises interactive learning experiences including but not limited to:

    1. Pronunciation activities via ClassKick, spoken pronunciation practice through FlipGrid,, auditory receiver training via EdPuzzle,, partner discussions applying PQA techniques etc.
      To conclude there are cumulative assessments in form of Vocabulary Quizzes conducted through Zoom breakout rooms simplifying yet sophisticating traditional methods. Additionally there are research presentations with focus on prevalence concerning diverse Francophone countries' population's health issues.
      Subsequently exploiting real-life chances using online sources like etc allowing international correspondence.
      Target grades range from grade nine through twelve, all falling under World Languages category primarily focusing subtopics based upon 'French'. The entire product file utilizes Google Docs™ format easing accessibility while also benefiting storage capabilities throughout utilization phases.
      Finally Unité 2 : La Santé aims towards becoming a valuable asset amidst proficient level language educators’ arsenal employing enriching cultural knowledge about different nations’ perspective surrounding an important global contemporary issue known commonly as ‘Health Care’.

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French Language Health Care Education Global Competency Communicational Skills Cultural Understanding

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