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French game - Tell me 3 things - Dis-moi trois choses - RESTAURANT

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About This Product

Product Overview

This product is Tell me 3 things - Dis-moi trois choses - RESTAURANT, a French game designed as an educational tool. It is geared towards students from grade 6 to grade 12, showcasing its wide usage range.

Essential Features

  • The activity contains 60 cards, each bearing one restaurant-related word or phrase in French.
  • Intermediate to advanced level students select a card and share three associated tidbits while their classmates focus on listening. Questions or reactions from class members can provoke further conversation.
  • The French-only content of the cards, while challenging for beginners, spurs independent study by arousing interest in new vocabulary.

Versatile Learning Opportunities

Cards can be held up individually as traditional flashcards, or displayed on a screen for entire classes. This supports diverse teaching systems and elicits dynamic student conversations. Each page presents four printable cards that may be laminated to last longer.

In Summary...

'Tell me 3 things' makes learning French - the international language - exciting! Simultaneously bolstering both cognitive growth and language abilities amongst all learners involved. From public schools to home-schools, small groups or whole classes; it's a versatile teaching resource constructed with instructional diversity and learner engagement in mind.


This resource is especially beneficial for those wanting to improve their understanding of French through world languages sub-subjects!

The PDF version of this resource is also available and ready for download!

What's Included

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