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French game - Tell me 3 things - Dis-moi trois choses - VALENTINE'S DAY

An educational teaching resource from Love Learning Languages entitled French game - Tell me 3 things - Dis-moi trois choses - VALENTINE'S DAY downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

French game - Tell me 3 things - Dis-moi trois choses - VALENTINE'S DAY

A versatile, dynamic, and adaptable teaching tool that makes learning French a valiant adventure!

The 'French Game' is an interactive card-based speaking game that is themed around Valentine's Day. Packed with 40 engaging cards, the toolkit aims to make learning enjoyable for students.

Leverage both language and cognitive skill development

Aimed at intermediate to advanced French students in Grade 6 through Grade 12, this resource not only enhances their language proficiency but also boosts their critical thinking abilities.

Promote collaborative learning process

The unique format encourages learners to work collaboratively in pairs or small groups—promoting active exchanges as they draw cards and brainstorm three related comments about its content.

Authenticity is key!
  • This toolkit exclusively contains cards written in French.
  • This full immersion approach offers a sense of authenticity throughout practices;
  • It also motivates students towards more determined efforts when studying the foreign language.
Versatility for every occasion!
  • Suitable not just within the classroom settings and homework assignments;
  • These can be used effectively for holiday-themed extracurricular activities; and,

  • Fun trivia games during Valentine's Day celebrations where fun meets higher-order-learning processes..

Durable & Long-Lasting Cards

. Ensure durability by laminating each of the four printable cards found on each sheet once they've been cut out. Also available: Digital version ready-for-projection!
If you prefer projecting digital content, then worry not! The package also comes with all of these forty cards formatted suitably in PDFs.

How to use this amazing tool?


This resource set comes complete with clear instructions explaining how one can play along with the board game making it super convenient and user-friendly. Indeed, 'French game - Tell me 3 things - Dis-moi trois choses - VALENTINE'S DAY' is an innovatively designed pedagogic tool that merges language learning with spirited engagement, surely a resource every educator vying for interactive teaching will find valuable!

What's Included

4 PDFs

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