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French: Le Réchauffement Climatique- Article and Worksheet

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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Product: French Teaching Resource - Le Réchauffement Climatique (Global Warming)

This teaching resource is ideal for those seeking to enhance the learning experience of their advanced French learners. The resource includes both informative content and activities that promote interactive and critical thinking skills development.

The Resource Includes:
  • An insightful article about "Le Réchauffement Climatique" or global warming presented in three parts.
  • A worksheet with three corresponding activities to encourage active reading comprehension.

About the Article

The article on global warming provides a comprehensive understanding of the topic while honing students' advanced French vocabulary. It focuses on different aspects of global warming like its causes, potential consequences, and solutions.

About the Worksheet

The accompanying worksheet has three activities. Each one corresponds to a portion of the text. For example:

  1. In Activity 1, students find French equivalents based on Paragraph 1 that talks about causes of global warming.
  2. In Activity 2, they are required to answer questions in French based on Paragraph 2's information.
  3. And finally,
  4. In Activity 3, they rank strategies derived from information in Paragraph 3 and provide explanations in response.

A solution-provided version of this worksheet is also included facilitating classroom discussions during review sessions. Top it off with an included PowerPoint presentation featuring snippets from the article along with answers—perfect for group discussions or class presentations. All materials (3 PDFs, Word docs & PowerPoint) are provided as downloadable files offering flexibility for individual work,group projects or even homework assignments.
Ideal for grade levels Grade 10 through Grade12, particularly within subject areas like World Languages (French), this resource facilitates enriched language learning through real-world issue discussion. This practical, pertinent and engaging tool will certainly enhance advanced French learning experience of students.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-3 PDFs

-3 Word docs

-1 PowerPoint

Resource Tags

global warming French language reading comprehension interactive learning critical thinking

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