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French: le système scolaire- Article and Worksheet

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Grade 10, 11, 12



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In this resource file, you will find an article explaining Le système scolaire français, along with a worksheet containing 3 activities linked to the article. These activities are aimed at more advanced learners of French. Everything is written in French.

Note that the article comes in the form of graphs and diagrams rather than written paragraphs.

The article is structured in 3 parts:

paragraph 1- Un aperçu (US and UK versions)

paragraph 2- Les différentes voies au lycée

paragraph 3- Les études après le bac

Each of the three activities from the worksheet refers to a specific paragraph:

Activity 1- Use the first part of the article and write True or False for the given statements

Activity 2: Use the second part of the article and complete the summary by filling the gaps with the missing words

Activity 3: Use the third part of the article and answer the questions in French

A version of the worksheet with answers is also provided.

A PowerPoint presentation is included with sections of the article, activities and answers, should you wish to project these on your board.

What is included:

1 zip file with:

-4 PDFs (2 versions of the article- one for UK learners and one for US learners)

-4 Word docs

-2 PowerPoints

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French school system education le système scolaire en France worksheet

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