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French: Literary Text- Albert Camus

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Grade 11, 12



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About This Product

French: Literary Text- Albert Camus

The French: Literary Text- Albert Camus resource file is an extensively curated teaching tool, particularly designed for grade 11 and 12 students. Nonetheless, it also serves as an invaluable asset for any advanced French learner craving a detailed exploration of intricate and authentic literary works. This comprehensive resource unpacks the complexities of "Les Justes", an evocative work by acclaimed French author, Albert Camus.

To enhance language proficiency often demands immersion in nuanced literary sections. This valuable tool achieves this aim by providing students with a passage from “Les Justes” in the original language. Keeping all learners in mind, an English translation is available to function as parallel text if needed.

Included Exercises

  • A holistic worksheet enabling two separate endeavors - identifying equivalents in the text and answering questions drawn from the content – making up a combined tally of 12 marks targeting strengthening comprehension.

Inclusion of PowerPoint Presentation

  • A concise PowerPoint presentation constituting six informative slides discussing about the acclaimed writer, abstract overview regarding his work under study along with assignments laid ahead before learners along with their responses; perfect for projecting during group deliberations or lesson revisions.

All essentials -the excerpt from “Les Justes”, instruction sheets complete with distinct segments earmarked for equivalent search task & question-response activity plus answer key– are made available both as PDF (ready-to-use) format as well as mutable Word document formats.

Multifaceted Utility:
  1. Promotes collective inquiry practice during whole group sessions
  2. Fosters focused engagement during smaller cluster interactions
  3. Turns homework time into enriching self-directed learning hours


French: Literary Text- Albert Camus, a carefully curated resource file is accessible in a unified zip file. It includes three PDFs, three Word documents and one PowerPoint presentation.

Educational Objective:

Whether it's nurturing an appreciation for substantive literary works or promoting comprehension of intricate prose, this high-value tool aligns aptly with the evolving demands of progressive teaching techniques.

What's Included

This French: Literary Text- Albert Camus resource 1 zip file has:

-3 PDFs

-3 Word docs

-1 PowerPoint

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Albert Camus French literature Les Justes literary analysis comprehension exercises

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