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French PÂQUES Taboo Game - Easter

An educational teaching resource from Love Learning Languages entitled French PÂQUES Taboo Game - Easter downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

French PÂQUES Taboo Game - Easter

This teaching resource creates a unique and engaging learning experience in the world of French language. Specifically targeted at grades 9 to 12, it offers a fun approach to infusing new concepts into tutors' lessons or homeschool programs.

Main Features:

  • A set of 32 Taboo game cards
  • Cards available in both color and black-and-white versions for optimal versatility
  • A useful tool for both teachers and students
  • Suitable for groups of four students or more, from beginner to advanced level learners of French

The game assists learners in expanding their vocabulary while enhancing their verbal proficiency. Teams compete against each other where they get points based on correct guesses.

Note that beginners who may not be ready to generate sentences under pressure need not worry! Modifications designed specifically with beginners in mind are available, enabling them to use taboo words while describing; perfect practice towards guessing main words more effectively and building vocabulary swiftly!

The Learning Experience:

  1. Makes French learning a delightful journey worth remembering
  2. Versatile enough to be used during lessons or given as homework assignments
  3. Suitable for implementation in either large group classes or small tuition clusters

What's Included

3 PDFs

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