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Frequently Asked Questions and Common Responses


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Responding to other's questions and comments is a very important social skill. Do your students fail to respond to others? 

Do children and adults speak to them and they either give back a blank stare or continue doing what they were doing? 

Do they give a response but it doesn't make sense and/or isn't on topic?

These activities were designed to help students who struggle with responding to others due to a slower processing speed and/or anxiety, lack of perspective taking, etc. 

Students can practice some typical responses to frequently asked questions or comments, building automaticity.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 35 Pages

Level 1: Have students point and read the Question/Comment prompts and suggested Responses

3 Activity Boards

24 Activity Cards

Level 2: Have students select from an array to Respond to Questions/Comments to complete the activity board

3 Activity Boards

24 Activity Cards

Level 3: Have students make up their own Questions/Comments and ask a peer to Respond. Write it on the activity boards.

2 Activity Boards {Make Your Own Questions/Comments and Responses}

Ring of Responses: Great for practicing Responses on the go! Practice before snack, recess, lunch and any social times.

24 Large Sized Cards for Ring

Fill In The Blank Sentence Strips: 2 Pages of fill in the blank sentence strips to offer students more practice

Spin and Respond: 3 Spinners with questions/comments for students to spin and respond to. 1 Blank spinner to write in your own questions/comments.

Resource Tags

Conversational SkillsResponding To OthersSocial PragmaticsSocial SkillsSpecial Education

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