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I Can Use Helpful Strategies, Social Skills Story & Activities For K-2nd

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

I Can Use Helpful Strategies: Social Skills Story and Activities for K-2nd

This teaching resource is designed to aid children in kindergarten through second grade in developing crucial social skills using easy-to-understand stories. The methodology is based on the principle that breaking down information and skill-learning into smaller pieces enhances learning efficiency, especially for learners who may struggle with bulkier content.

'I Can Use Helpful Strategies' dwells on providing learners with effective techniques to overcome their issues. This offers them the chance to understand, practice, and reinforce these strategies while they're relaxed - thereby increasing their ability during more intense emotional episodes.

Flexible Implementation

The implementation of this resource can be adjusted to match different educational settings like:

  • Whole class lessons
  • Small group interactions
  • Homework assignments

Beyond Just Stories...

Moving beyond mere stories, this resource provides engaging activities that interactively teach children about useful problem-solving strategies. Teachers have the option of personalizing the material by adding a child's name, photo or other relevant information into the spaces provided so as to connect directly with their students' experiences.

All Included Inside...

I Can Use Helpful Strategies packs plenty inside its 59 pages play kit!

  • A colourful social skills story perfect for classroom use.
  • A skill builder activity dubbed 'My Helpful Strategies Pages and Board.'
  • An animated Powerpoint edition of the story suitable for distance learning.
  • A black & white version which helps students internalize these valuable social lessons outside school premises.

Originally crafted for kindergarten pupils but also aptly suited to first & second-graders under special resources or life skill subjects categories; this PDF file containing worksheets could become an indispensable tool in any teacher's repertoire who aims not just teach but groom well-rounded & socially adept learners.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 59 Pages

> Social Skills Story {color version, great for the classroom}

> Skill Builder Activity: My Helpful Strategies Pages and Board

> Coloring Book Companion {Black & White Version, Great For Sending Home For Generalization}

*Pages to swap out to differentiate to use this story for diverse boys, girls, or group.

> Animated PowerPoint Story {Great For Distance Learning!}

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