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Functional Life Skills: Understanding and Tracking Allergies

An educational teaching resource from Adulting Life Skills Resources entitled Functional Life Skills: Understanding and Tracking Allergies downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Functional Life Skills: Understanding and Tracking Allergies

An educational resource aimed at enhancing formative learning for high school students by providing comprehensive understanding of allergies.

The underlying aim is to equip the younger generation with essential life skills that will bear them in good stead both within the school environment and as they venture into the wider world.

Allergy Resource Key Focus:

  • Creating a detailed allergy list

  • Monitoring preventive care for allergies

  • Tracking symptoms over time

  • Developing an easy-to-understand allergy rating scale

  • Maintaining a record of various allergic reactions

The resource offers value by presenting "51 reading comprehension questions", targeted towards cementing newfound concepts in student's memory while simultaneously reinforcing existing knowledge.

This activity will assist high school students in developing the necessary life skills to become more independent at school, at home, and in their communities.

A great place to use this handout is in special education classes or one-to-one settings, such as ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) sessions.

High school students working on independent living would benefit significantly from this activity for defining, setting, and measuring IEP goals.

In addition to interactive instruction, this resource is ideal for hands-on and community-based learning.

Engage your special education class with this highly interactive High School Independent Living Skills Activity!

This activity contains step-by-step instructions, questions, and answers that reinforce learning, age-appropriate graphics, real-world examples, and ideas for implementation.

This is the perfect special education activity for grade 10, grade 11, grade 12, and autism life skill centers.

This special education life skills handout was designed to assist teens and adults with difficulties developing independent living skills.

It's a printable, easy-to-use activity ready to hand out!

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This activity comprises 22 unique pages packed full of step-by-step instructions complemented by appropriate graphic design features. It comes with a flexible option of either color-themed pages or black-and-white printable pages promoting convenience. To sum it up - The Functional Life Skills: Understanding and Tracking Allergies resource promotes beneficial life skills subtly woven into day-to-day activities fostering independence among high school students.

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