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Game: Candy Corn

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About This Product

Candy Corn Comparisons game

The Candy Corn Comparisons is a teaching resource specially designed for Grade 2 students, centering on the pivotal subject of Math and the subtopic of place value. This exciting tool interlaces an entertaining peer activity with targeted learning objectives.

  • Focused Learning: The engaging game allows students to partner up or work independently to identify numbers’ values for improved math understanding. The task involves drawing cards, placing numbers on parallel lines, and comparing their values – making place value learning interactive, fun, yet challenging.

  • Educational Standard: This captivating resource aims towards common core educational standard 2.NBT.4 - comparing numbers up to 1,000.

  • Innovative Engagement: The use of tactile candy corns during gameplay makes learning more tangible and enjoyable than ever before! Educators can maximize student engagement by transforming these candy pieces into numerals symbolizing experiential learning in a vivacious format.

    • Note: Plus, it comes with a tasty motivation too—students get to savor one candy corn for every problem they solve correctly!

  • Versatility: This teaching asset transitions seamlessly from group teaching sessions into individual practice during center time.

  • The resource is tied perfectly with the spirit of Fall season's delightfulness-applauding an adorable amalgamation of academic growth and festive cheeriness!

  • An accessible PDF file comes included in the package for ease of downloadability and prompt application during lessons planning.

For added convenience supplemental resources are available such as:

- "Dragons Love Tacos" - "Yummy Place Value" - "Book Awards"

Candy Corn Comparisons is not simply worksheets but an inventive route towards fortifying fundamental Math concepts mixing vibrant candies and intelligent number games-an. Your Math enthusiasts will cherish this resource every fall season.

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