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GCSE Literature: (11) ‘An Inspector Calls’ Acts 1 and 2 Assessment – Guided Essay Writing

GCSE Literature: (11) ‘An Inspector Calls’ Acts 1 and 2 Assessment – Guided Essay Writing
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Literature: (11) 'An Inspector Calls' Acts 1 and 2 Assessment – Guided Essay Writing

This is an effective educational tool aimed to enhance students' comprehension of JB Priestley's renowned play. The resource adeptly deciphers intricate literary aspects such as class bias, gender prejudice, and societal pressure within the narrative, making them relevant and easy to grasp for young learners.

Suitability and Application

Suitable for grades 9 through 12 under the language arts or literature subject spectrum, this resource can be smoothly included into diverse teaching approaches. It has been successfully implemented during regular classroom instruction, distant learning sessions online, homework tasks as well as revision material.

About the Resource Format & Content
  1. The PowerPoint-based teaching aid consists of a series of impressive 26 slides that measure up to approximately two hours worth of instructional time.
  2. Narratively captivating and visually intriguing, each slide is crafted meticulously to offer users an immersive learning journey.

A key feature features a systematic guide to a GCSE essay writing evaluation based on the question: 'Trace the different tension levels throughout Acts 1 and 2 of the play. How does Priestley create tension?' This engaging inquiry thrusts learners into deeper critical analysis spheres while reinforcing their essay writing skills.

Pedagogical Values & Ease-of-Use
  • An important literary text assessing society’s class framework - 'An Inspector Calls' remains salient reading material reflecting contemporary global discussions around equality.
  • Carefully curated by experienced educators understanding that instructional effectiveness lies in implementing appropriate pedagogical techniques - this educational tool aims not just dispense data but cultivate talents such as analytical thinking, persuasive argument creation & creative expression among students.
  • Lastly, there are no additional workload burdens for teachers using this resource making it suitable in today's fast-paced classroom landscape managing several curricular demands at once.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 26 slides

Resource Tags

GCSE literature An Inspector Calls essay writing tension analysis critical analysis

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