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GCSE Literature: (18) ‘An Inspector Calls’ End-Term Assessment – Guided Essay Writing

GCSE Literature: (18) ‘An Inspector Calls’ End-Term Assessment – Guided Essay Writing
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Literature: (18) ‘An Inspector Calls’ End-Term Assessment – Guided Essay Writing

An exceptional teaching resource for educators, developed especially for students between grade 9 and grade 12. It centers around the vital subject of Language Arts, specifically Literature. It consists of a powerful PowerPoint presentation having 26 slides, capable of imparting lessons across two hours in an extensive, appealing method.

About 'An Inspector Calls'

'An Inspector Calls', a timeless classic by JB Priestley forms the heart of this teaching resource. The text reveals essential social topics like discrimination based on class and sex. Set within tense aura, the Birling family is put under examination by the mysterious Inspector Goole, stimulating them to confront their objections towards lower-class domains.

Educational Adaptability
  • This material is highly customisable and has proven successful across various methods due to its foundation on more than two decades' experience teaching this text numerous times - including up-to-date advancements in 2021.
  • The resource can be used to conduct classroom instructions or enable distance learning during online classes.
  • Apart from being a useful homework assignment interface, it can also assist learners in necessary revision exercises syncing with their requirements.

The main aim of this material revolves around providing a chronological guide for GCSE essay writing assessments employing an interesting question concerning SBirling- one prime character of the story! This procedure nourishes analytical thought process about character motivations and implicit values visualized through Priestley's viewpoint.

A Ready-To-Use Resource at your Disposal!

Differentiating this educational aid is its feature as an all-encompassing, prepared well in advance kit that eases Lesson Planning while encouraging active learning outcomes among students without any additional teacher's effort. Regardless of whether you're engaging large classes or handling small group sessions - this resource assures solid support throughout your teaching journey!

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 26 slides

Resource Tags

'An Inspector Calls' Literature GCSE essay writing character analysis

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