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GCSE Literature: (3) ‘An Inspector Calls’ Act 1 Part 3 (‘Enter Inspector’ to ‘Fresh Suspects’)

GCSE Literature: (3) ‘An Inspector Calls’ Act 1 Part 3 (‘Enter Inspector’ to ‘Fresh Suspects’)
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Product Description: GCSE Literature: (3) 'An Inspector Calls' Act 1 Part 3 ('Enter Inspector' to 'Fresh Suspects') Lesson Plan

This product is an educational tool, or rather, a teaching resource that delves deep into the heart of JB Priestley's masterful commentary on societal bias and class discrimination. Intended for studying in grades 9 through 12, this PowerPoint presentation fits neatly into Language Arts courses with a focus on literature analysis and understanding.


  • A meticulously plotted PowerPoint composed of twenty well-arranged slides.
  • An engaging starter activity to stir students' enthusiasm.
  • Summary and analysis questions drawn directly from Priestley's dramatic text.
  • An academic writing task encouraging higher-order thinking skills.
  • A theme tracking challenge for active reading comprehension.
  • An extension task connected to critical vocabulary for deeper linguistic exploration.

The functions of this comprehensive teaching resource are versatile:

    Variety of Uses:b
      1. This lesson plan can be utilized as primary teaching guide in traditional classroom settings.
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      1. This lesson plan may be elected as distance learning material during online lessons ensuring interactive student engagement.

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      Thesis that aims to guide you through the process of buying an organically grown, locally sourced Thanksgiving dinner. })} )(this.resource could serve as a homework assignment allowing pupils further independent exploration.)
Equipped with both a homework assignment provision and a conclusion slide, this resource is your trusted companion in providing quality literature education while transforming how lessons are delivered. All it requires from you; just display, teach, and watch your students grow.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 20 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

educational tool teaching resource literature analysis class discrimination active reading

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