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GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Kamikaze’ by Beatrice Garland

GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Kamikaze’ by Beatrice Garland
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Kamikaze’ by Beatrice Garland

An engaging teaching resource that brings alive this vivid poem exploring the sacrifices and dedications of a soldier during a time of war. This lesson plan is ideal for educators looking to provide captivating instruction to students at grade levels including Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, and through to Grade 12.

Crafted based on firsthand teaching experiences with this work, the resource has proven successful in various learning environments whether in classroom settings, as part of hybrid learning models utilizing Google Meet lessons or as an engaging homework assignment. It can also serve as an impressive tool for student revision.

Packed with Thoughtfully Planned Activities

This poetry lesson comes packed with activities covering diverse aspects such as:

  • A well-structured and beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation consisting of 22 display-ready slides.
  • An informative author biography shedding light on Beatrice Garland's background while opening up discussions around her inspirations for crafting such a powerful piece.
  • Relevant language-structure questions meant to unravel deeper understanding about 'Kamikaze'.
  • Extension tasks ensures continuous engagement past classroom boundaries.

Adding further value to the resource package is a defined homework assignment and concluding plenary that rounds off each interactive session leaving room for endless interpretation and discussion while ensuring continuity in upcoming lessons.

Versatility at its Best!

Versatile applications abound; use it as standalone poetry materials or incorporate it into broader literature units – discover how much this dynamic GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Kamikaze’ by Beatrice Garland allows customization for specific educational objectives!

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 22 ready to display slides

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