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Geometry - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 6-8 - FLASH-MAC

Geometry - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 6-8 - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 6, 7

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About This Product

Geometry - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 6-8 - FLASH-MAC

Specifically tailored for middle-school students ranging from 6th to 8th-grade level, this highly interactive and engaging math program allows educators, be it public school teachers or homeschoolers, to offer their learners over 320 individual activities spread across more than 80 beautifully crafted screen pages.

NCTM and Core Curriculum Math Standards

An ample platform for learning is provided in line with the expectations of the NCTM and Core Curriculum Math standards for Geometry. The broad coverage of this comprehensive curriculum offers substantial material on angles, triangles, circles, lines as well as area calculations of both two-dimensional shapesand three-dimensional shapes including surface areas and volumes.

Diverse Approach & Proficiency Centered Learning

The instruction follows a diverse approach incorporating both task-based activities and drill exercises leading to an effective round learning experience overall. With proficiency at its crux, this resource includes numerous problems involving geometry themes – with sixty pre-assessment activities followed by forty real-life centered word problems; each designed to engage students thoroughly while also ingraining mathematical concepts firmly.

  • Educational Tools:O Offering more than just lesson plans; this resource creates a vivid classroom environment providing access to various math tools that serve both imperial or metric units along with text-to-speech support available in English or Spanish.
  • Captivating Elements:> Moreover captivating elements such as printable worksheets exist alongside engaging interactive lessons complemented by added test preparation materials enhancing productive study time.
  • Educational Games:
  • > Education need not always be routine; hence included are recreational additions that too bear educational value like memory match games along with board games and spinner games each contributing towards shaping critical thinking powered by fun learning methods.

Evaluating Learner Understanding

The significance isn't limited only to instruction but also extends into evaluating learner understanding post completion via chapter-wise assessment quizzes providing insights into progress levels achieved.

Overall when implemented either amongst small groups or whole class sessions or even as homework assignments – be assured that enhancement in student practice skills is both strengthened and reinforced promising mastery over Geometry! In an easy-to-use Software format compatible with Mac, this single product file settles to be an all-in-one comprehensive solution for teaching Geometry.

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