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Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 6-8

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 6-8

An engaging teaching resource designed for grades 6 to 8, the Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 2 sets out to meet with the geometry concepts stipulated by the NCTM standards. This resource serves as a dynamic tool that encourages students to grasp and revise key geometric concepts in various unique methods.

The cornerstone of this resource is its task sheets:

  • Specially devised around a central problem derived from real-world situations familiar to the students.
  • To provide content both in depth and breadth across different difficulty levels, thereby providing differentiated learning opportunities tailor-made for each student's pace.
  • Covers a broad range of topics such as two- and three-dimensional shapes, fractions, coordinate points along with composing and decomposing shapes activities – all integral elements foundational to Geometry learning at middle school level.
  • Designed with dedicated space for reflection which enhances learning outcomes further; these task sheets leave ample room for incorporating technology use appropriately enhances students' overall learning experience.

In terms of assessment tools and resources within this product package includes:

  • Relevant standards rubrics,
  • Review sheets,
  • Visually-attractive activity posters,
And a bonus!, worksheets included at no additional cost!

This comprehensive educational resource aligns seamlessly not only with Common Core State Standards but also adheres keenly towards Bloom's Taxonomy whilst following STEM mapping – serving as an ideal platform supplementing mathematical proficiency amongst middle-grade learners

. You can implement it in whole group sessions or small groups or even utilize it as homework assignments. Suitable for Grade 6 - Grade 8 educators focusing on Math specifically tackling sub subject Geometry, this file type PDF consisting of singular comprehensive product is set to enrich your teaching repertoire effectively. Take your geometry teaching to the next level with Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 6-8!

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