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Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 5 Gr. 6-8

Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 5 Gr. 6-8
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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Geometry - Task Sheets Vol. 5 Gr. 6-8

A specialized resource designed to address geometry concepts for students in grades 6 through 8, aligning directly with the standards set by NCTM.

Unique features:
  • This engaging resource provides a distinct approach to learning and revisiting these constructs by organizing each task sheet around relatable, real-world issues.
  • Learning becomes tangible as activities are based on both two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional shapes alike.
  • Inclusion of tasks focusing on composing and decomposing shapes – an essential skill for any budding mathematician!
Tailored Learning Approach:

To make math practical and applicable in daily life, elements of fractions are incorporated alongside instruction on coordinate points to provide a comprehensive geometry experience.

Educator Friendly:

Educators will appreciate how easy it is to implement this crucial tool into various classroom settings – be it whole group lessons or smaller subgroup activities or even as homework assignments when review is necessary outside school hours.

Tech Integrated:

This resource implements technology into its framework whenever appropriate while also containing practical assessment rubrics relating directly back to the standards covered within its pages.

Bonus Materials Included

  • The addition of supplemental materials such as review sheets.
  • Vividly colored activity posters provide a visual pop that aids retention.

  • Bonus worksheets further reinforce the understanding gained during lessons taken from this stellar teaching resource.
Standard Compliance:
In conforming tightly with Common Core State Standards plus adherence to Bloom's Taxonomy, STEM & NCTM ideals ensure that Geometry - Task Sheet Vol.5 truly covers all bases.

Digital Compatibility:

Maintaining a 'PDF' file type, this resource offers easy accessibility and guaranteed compatibility across various digital platforms.

Who Is This Resource For?

So whether you're a public school math teacher or homeschooling parents tackling geometry, this resource provides you all that is needed for comprehensive instructions in the learning journey.

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