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Getting Dressed for the Seasons Life Skills

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Life Skills





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About This Product

Getting Dressed for the Seasons Life Skills

Designed especially for children with special educational needs, this resource lays paramount emphasis on fostering practical skills pertaining to clothing and dressing. The aim is to prepare students for daily challenges, boost independence, and cultivate informed decision-making ability in the absence of supervision.

Main Aims

  • Fosters understanding about choosing appropriate clothes based on a range of factors from weather conditions to fit for different occasions.

  • Encourage open ended questions regarding seasons.

  • Helps to build interactions with teachers and other students when discussing what to wear

Note-worthy Features:

  1. An array of activities ranging from whole class integration or small group use along with some suitable for independent workstation applications.

  2. A social story designed to stimulate conversational abilities among learners while making topics around clothing relatable through day-to-day scenarios.

  3. An engaging spinner game that aids in the grasp of naming conventions of clothing items thereby facilitating memory retention. Detailed exercises include:

    • Pictures to match clothing.

    • Grouping clothing by seasons

    • Learning which close are appropriate for each season.

Helps your learners associate identical images together thus fortifying visual recognition capabilities.

How to assemble

  • laminate each page

  • cut out spinner cover

  • punch a hoe in the center

  • punch hole on spinner cover

  • add metal Brad Fasteners Split Pins

Rounding off the learning process :

Including differentiated scenario question-and-answer exercises to foster critical thinking among students, this learning resource encourages them to think through practical issues applicable in real-life. Further, sequencing activities train students in organizing their thoughts coherently while sorting activities hone categorizing proficiency.

This proficiency-enhancing resource is available across grade limitations and is ideal for educators dealing with students of varying ages and developmental milestones. Provided in a widely-used PDF format, it extends threshold-free access for teachers worldwide.

What's Included

· picture to picture matching

· Sequencing activities

· Sorting activities




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