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Give A Dog A Word Bone Game

Give A Dog A Word Bone Game
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About This Product

Read the word on the bone. If you get it right feed it to the dog. Woof! Woof! A fun game to reinforce reading.

Introducing you to our brand new ‘Mission Spelling Zero’ scheme. Help your child/ren to take their first steps in reading, writing and spelling, with this exciting structured scheme.

How to prepare

Cut out the dog‘s head, body and tail. Glue the head and body together and attach to a box (shoebox). Stick the tail to the other end of the box, so it can be seen just above the box.

How to play:

Muddle up and divide the bones equally between the number of children playing. Each child takes a turn to read a word from their pile. If they read the word correctly, everyone shouts “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!” and the child slots it through the dogs mouth. However, if they read the word incorrectly, everyone shouts “Grrrr....” and the word bone has to go to the bottom of the child’s pile. The first child to feed all their bones to the dog is the winner.

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