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Play A Sound Game ‘Zap’ To Reinforce Three Letter Words

Play A Sound Game ‘Zap’ To Reinforce Three Letter Words
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About This Product

Oh No! Zoggy is lost in a rain storm and he wants to find a rainbow. Can you help him? Zap away the rain clouds and make the sun come out, by finding as many real three letter words as you can.

Introducing you to our brand new ‘Zoggy Zero’ scheme. Help your child/ren to take their first steps in reading, writing and spelling, with this exciting structured scheme.

If you want to provide a game that is full of fun and impactful for your reading students, here is a game that will do just that. This is a ZAP! Sound Game that will get students exploring all the elements of reading with so much excitement.

What is Included in This Download:

You will get a printable sound game to reinforce three letter words. This is an 11-page printable PDF. This PDF will include a spinner, word cards, lightening zap cards, directions, and a recording sheet. If you print and laminate everything, you are able to use it over and over again. Printing it on card stock will provide even more durability.

Prepping the ZAP! Sound Game:

  • - Print and cut word cards, spinner and space crafts.

. Glue the space crafts to lolly sticks.

  • - Push a butterfly clip half way through the centre of the spinner and fold back.

  • - Place a paper clip over the butterfly clip and tape on the arrow.

How To Play the ZAP! Sound Game:

  1. Students will:

  2. 1. Choose a card and read the word.

  1. 2. Cover the first letter with your zap pointer

  1. 3. Spin the arrow on the spinner to replace the covered letter.

  1. 4. Read the new word. Is it a real or a silly word?

5. Record your real words on the sheet.

Store this game and its pieces away to be pulled out at any time for a great writing, reading, or spelling center activity!

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What's Included

1 PDF with 11 printable pages

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