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Global Warming EFFECTS: Earth's Climate - FLASH-MAC

Global Warming EFFECTS: Earth's Climate - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

The Global Warming EFFECTS: Earth's Climate - FLASH-MAC

An indispensable educational resource designed to facilitate comprehension around the impacts of global warming. This learning tool focuses on making environmental science accessible and engaging for students at grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Teaching Resource in Line with Educational Standards

This teaching resource provides expansive content in line with Common Core State Standards as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy principles. The core offering includes carefully planned reading passages that delve into the area of global warming effects on our planet’s climate.

  • 'Before you read' questions are available to prepare the learner for their reading journey.
  • 'After you read' questions provoke thoughtful analysis and reflection upon what has been learned.

A Suite of Interactive Tools

The highlight of this Flash-Mac product is its collection of interactive components that work together seamlessly to provide hands-on engagement during lessons about global warming effects.

  • Videos for visualizing concepts,
  • Audio resources catering auditory learners,
  • Vocabulary flashcards for revision,
  • A software file compatible with Mac systems, All purposefully crafted by expert educators!
Educator Flexibility & Availability Enhanced

Digital offerings can be paired with printable resources giving educators flexibility regarding lesson delivery – perfect both inside a classroom setting or assigned as homework using hardcopies at home.

Ideal for all types Educators - Parents Included!

This resource is invaluable whether you're a public school teacher looking out comprehensive classroom materials or a homeschooling parent aiming for self-guided rigorous content in educating young minds about our world's precarious climatic situation.

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