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Climate Change and Global Warming Activity Packet and Worksheets

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

This " Climate Change and Global Warming Activity Packet and Worksheets " is no prep required - so the packet is a great way to teach about climate change, greenhouse gases and global warming, as a supplement to a science lesson, or as printable worksheets for extra work or sub plans.

Many of these activities are differentiated so there are options for kids at all levels between Grades 2 and 5. Please note that not all activities in this packet will meet your class' particular levels, but there should be enough variation in the resources from your high flyers to those that are more challenged.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• What is Climate Change?

• What is Climate Change? Reading Response (Close Read)

• What is Global Warming?

• What is Global Warming? Reading Response

• Paired Texts What is Climate Change and Global Warming

• Greenhouse Gases in words and pictures

• More on Global Warming

• Global Warming Reading Response

• Pollution and Global Warming

• Climate Change Vocabulary

• What is Being Affected by Climate Change?

• What Can You Do To Help?

• Renewable Energy Sources

• What If It's Not Enough?

• Stopping Climate Change List

• The Impact of Global Warming writing

• Climate Change Impact writing

• Greta Thunberg Teenage Activist differentiated reading

• Great Thunberg Reading Response

• Climate Change Letter

• Global Warming Questions

• Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

• Climate Change Draw and Write

• Greenhouse Gases Activity

• Climate Change Write the Words

• Climate Change Vocabulary Cards

• Climate Change Word Search

• Climate Change ABC Order

• Climate Change Words and Sentences

• Climate Change Matching

• Climate Change Poster

• Climate Change Word Scramble

• Global Warming Fill In The Blank

• Making Words: Greenhouse

• Drought Symmetry

• Melting Sea Ice Activity

• Rising Sea Levels Activity

• Climate Change - Hidden Picture

• Greta Thunberg Saying Secret Code

• Greta Thunberg Coloring

• Climate Change Activist Coloring

• Climate Change Earth Coloring

• Polar Bear Maze

• Climate Change Activist Application

• Climate Change KWL Grid

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