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Global Warming REDUCTION: The Masdar Initiative - FLASH-PC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

The Global Warming REDUCTION: The Masdar Initiative - FLASH-PC

This is an exceptional education tool for primarily Grades 5 through 8 teachers and homeschoolers. Centered on environmental science, it enhances learner's understanding of the Masdar Initiative for Global Warming Reduction.

Key Features:
  • A unique blend of technology and content including software compatible with PCs enables interactive activities to bring learning to life.
  • Offers a graduated learning experience based on Bloom's Taxonomy from knowledge recollection through synthesis and evaluation.
  • Includes reading passages specifically designed to educate on the Masdar initiative, paired with 'before you read' and 'after you read' comprehension questions.
  • Vocabulary flash cards included to aid mastery over crucial terminologies.
Multimedia Benefits:

Tool includes video and audio facilities enhancing visual understanding while catering to a variety of learning styles within your student group at large.

Flexible Uses Include:
  • Whole group instruction
  • ,
  • An individual homework assignment,
  • Small focus groups,
  • or
    The resource can be tailored around your specific pedagogical requirements maintaining engagement amongst students along varied levels of proficiency ensuring every learner benefits effectively from each session.

Adhering closely to Common Core State Standards, using this tool assures alignment with recognized academic benchmarks equipping learners adequately towards mastering grade-level expectations successfully.

In conclusion,"Delve deeper into the realm of environmental science and evoke in your students a sense of responsibility towards reducing global warming."

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