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Going to Mass (What Do You See?)

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About This Product

Going to Mass (What Do You See?): An Education Tool for Understanding Catholic Mass

Going to Mass (What Do You See?) is a richly designed teaching resource explicitly crafted for enlightening young minds about the Catholic faith by drawing their attention to what they see during a Mass. Precisely designed for Kindergarten, Preschool, and Grades 1 and 2 students studying Life Sciences, this resource hones in on Religion as its subtopic.

About The Resource Pack

The packet consists of 18 pages brimming with fascinating activities devised to attract the interest of young scholars actively. Principal features include:

  • An 'Emergent Reader' feature fostering comprehension skills.
  • Prompting creativity amongst students by asking "What else do you see?"
  • Drawing activity that encourages visualization skills whilst reinforcing learning through play.
  • A fun 'write-the-room' exercise and ‘Church scavenger hunt' both enhancing learning experiences while promoting fun!


This package can seamlessly blend into varying needs – be it classroom instruction or homeschooling setups. Furthermore, this material makes an effective tool even when used as a part of homework assignment tasks.

User-friendly Format And Interactive Design

The comprehensive digital goodie bag that is downloadable right away in an easily accessible PDF format not only provides diverse exercises to boost cognitive growth among kids but does so while keeping content appealing enough making learning about religion both interactive and delightful!

What's Included

A total of 18 pages.

Resource Tags

Mass Catholic faith church setting emergent reader comprehension skills

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