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The Catholic Mass Scavenger Hunt

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

The Catholic Mass Scavenger Hunt

Designed for students in Kindergarten through Grade 2, The Catholic Mass Scavenger Hunt offers an engaging and decipherable method to understand the familiar objects they encounter during mass. Aligning with subjects of life studies and religion, this teaching resource turns a visit to a Church into an informative adventure.

Embedded in the heart of this four-page activity are countless opportunities for students to satisfy their curiosity about their surroundings at mass. Listen closely - the Silent Language of symbols speaks about fascinating facts! From understanding why candles get lit during mass, to learning the significance of statues, windows, pews, crucifixes or chairs each unique item within the church gets deciphered.

About Levels

Within these pages lies two levels of activities customized according to your student's comprehending capabilities. With student-centric instructions that accommodate all learning-styles and abilities.

  1. In Level 1: After briefing on various fabrics related tangibly or abstractly to a catholic mass, allow kids independently identify these mentioned icons as they color each found object matched with its corresponding word.
  2. Level 2: sees an augmentation in comprehension as it asks students not only to identify and color but annotate newly learned words by writing them out in provided shape boxes themselves; promoting retention via multiple sensory inputs making educational digestion easier.

Encourage critical thinking skills by implementing The Catholic Mass Scavenger Hunt as part of classroom learning or organized group tours at local churches among your students is suggested . It can also be made a fun way out for families who homeschool while supported by similar cultural backgrounds — sparking conversations about faith at home amongst parents/ guardians participating indirectly completing their worksheets wrapped up truthfully with layers full wisdom spun around tales unwoven spontaneously retaining relevancy town hall debates.

In PDF format, The Catholic Mass Scavenger Hunt can be easily downloaded and printed for ease of use.

What's Included

It includes 4 pages.

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