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Going to the Movie Theater/Cinema Social Story

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About This Product

Going to the Movie Theater/Cinema Social Story

Going to the Movie Theater/Cinema Social Story is an instructive resource tailored towards helping children understand what to expect during a visit to the movie theater. This teaching tool's target audience includes pupils who struggle with understanding different social situations, need help processing social cues, responding appropriately in different scenarios, or are anxious about new experiences.

About The Product

  • This product provides an empathetic and understandable approach for explaining unexpected events at the cinema by covering aspects such as waiting in line to buy a ticket, purchasing popcorn and snacks, finding seating arrangements and effective ways of sitting quietly during the movie.

  • To cater for global users' various preferences, it includes two versions of the story; one using 'movie theater' terminology while its counterpart uses 'cinema'.


Children often encounter struggles while dealing with loud noises or darkness experienced in a movie theatre. The articulated storyline within this resource aims at acquainting kids with these challenging issues so they face less anxiety and develop better situational responses when visiting cinemas.

The Visual-Driven Resource

This visual-driven resource leans into a patient and reassuring tone which can be useful not only for any child grappling with interpreting new situations but also proves incredibly beneficial for children on the autistic spectrum who often find social cues challenging.

Futhermore,effectively utilising this teaching tool involves iterative usage hence it’s recommending binding these pages into display books or laminating them after use. The clipart images supplied within courtesy of Kari Bolt Children's Illustrator lend an engaging aspect that further engages students.


  • This product comes as a PDF suitable across all grades placing inclusivity at heart as it caters towards all educators seeking Special Resources tools particularly focussing on Special Education Needs (SEN), Social Skills development and Life Skills essentials among pupils.

For educational use, the rights are meant for original purchasers allowing photocopying or displaying material appropriately barring transmission by any means intended for third-party use unless additional licenses have been obtained meeting requisite permissions. It strictly prohibits any part of this content's placement on the Internet in any form, even for personal or classroom websites.

Included is a 22 page PDF printable social story. 2 versions of the story are included - one using the word movie theater and one with cinema.

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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