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Going to the Park Social Story

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About This Product

Going to the Park Social Story: An Ideal Teaching Resource

Going to the Park Social Story is a meticulously designed teaching resource with a singular focus on educating children about what they can expect during a park visit. Through this tool, we aim at inculcating key behaviors expected in social situations.

Main Features:

  • The resource focuses on ensuring safety with swings, slides, roundabouts, and climbing frames.

  • It emphasizes learning about patiently waiting their turn during playtime.

  • Instills values like obeying adults' instructions and leaving the park without creating any fuss.

Specially Equipped for Special Education Needs (SEN) Students

The teaching instrument involves alluring clip art illustrations from Kari Bolt Children's Illustrator's collection which inherently sparks curiosity in kids about comprehending social norms via lively imagery. Apart from providing valuable lessons on park etiquette, it enlightens children with insights into understanding easily relatable social cues.

A Great Fit for Autistic Children Too!

This illustrative document serves as an effective mechanism of instruction for autistic students who might have trouble deciphering social expectations whilst also trying to anticipate what to expect from certain scenarios as they navigate their day-to-day experiences more comfortably and confidently.

Variety of Formats Available:

  1. In PDF format, these books can be reproduced multiple times over reinforcing crucial points.

  2. Ideal for whole group instruction or small group activities within classrooms along with homeschool setups too!

Educators Across the Globe Can Benefit From This Resource These versatile resources allow educators worldwide transform their teaching techniques concerning practical life skills shaping young minds beyond their academic syllabi. Note: All purchasers have complete permission for unlimited usage, replication, and display restricted only within an educational sphere ensuring compliance to copyright guidelines. Together, let's cultivate a fulfilling environment helping children navigate their experiences with ease!

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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