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Google Classroom Interactive Grammar Boot Camp Parts of Speech Unit

Google Classroom Interactive Grammar Boot Camp Parts of Speech Unit
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Grade 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Google Classroom Interactive Grammar Boot Camp Parts of Speech Unit

This is an invaluable tool for educators tasked with the challenge of teaching parts of speech. With its military-themed unit, it offers a unique and engaging approach to learning spanning over two weeks.

What's Inside?

  • Eight distinguishable mini-lessons focusing on each part of speech.
  • A variety of activities and posters for practice and review.
  • An end-of-unit test with an included answer key for assessing students' knowledge.

The resource stands out by incorporating physical exercises like jumping jacks within teaching sessions - making it not only informative but also fun-filled. It's particularly beneficial in sparking interest among bodily-kinesthetic learners who love to learn while being in motion.

Designed for Adaptability:

This product was deliberately designed to promote adaptability by accommodating different methods of implementation; be it small group or whole-class instruction. Additionally, the resources also include final assessment answer keys allowing students themselves to grade their work - saving time for teachers.

Digital Functionality & Compatibility:

If you're looking built-in compatibility with Google Classroom, look no further! This resource flawlessly integrates digital functionality as it comes loaded with Google Drive or Google Classroom worksheets available in both teacher's and student's versions.

Making Learning Fun & Memorable!

Apart from having lessons lasting roughly 15-30 minutes fitting perfectly into your busy schedule – teachers get a free pass at playing drill sergeants making their classes profoundly entertaining! Such novel elements make learning incredibly compelling resulting in more potent memory retention and better performance by students when tackling parts of speech! To sum up: If you aim not just to teach language arts effectively but also to create lasting memories in the process, then this Google Classroom Interactive Grammar Boot Camp Parts of Speech Unit is undoubtedly worth considering.

What's Included

Here's What's Included:

Google Drive or Google Classroom worksheets (teacher and student copies)

8 Parts of Speech Posters to post around during practice and review

PDF versions in case you want to print everything

8 mini lessons on each part of speech

2 End of unit assessments with answer key (can be student graded to save time)

Suggestions on how to make this like military boot camp


This unit gets students involved and moving around to learn the different parts of speech-great for body kinesthetic learners

Free posters included to reinforce skills

The army theme makes this learning environment fun and engaging, which in return helps students remember parts of speech more readily

compatible with Google Classroom so you can go digital

This can be easily adapted for small groups or whole class instruction

final assessment answer key included, so students can grade, saving you time

mini-lessons are from about 15-30 minutes, easy to fit into your busy schedule

you get to act like a drill sergeant and make your students do push-ups....ummm, super fun for you (It's actually super fun for students too!)

great unit to share with your students to make lasting memories

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