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Grocery Game: Estimating, Adding, and Multiplying Decimals - Winter Holidays Edition

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Grocery Game: Estimating, Adding, and Multiplying Decimals - Winter Holidays Edition

This resource is a fun, interactive math game designed for students in grades 3-6. It will help your students practice adding and multiplying decimals while they shop to hit the target amount!

The game includes 4 rounds with grocery shopping items for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa holidays. Every round presents five food items to the students who practice estimating costs to manage a given budget.

Whole class activity:

  • This engaging exercise makes learning mathematical concepts more concrete than abstract learning alone. Students are shopping for a purpose!

  • Realistic applications make education impactful and enjoyable for students, and math games are always a hit with my students!

How to Use:

This is a fun, whole class activity that you need to be able to project in your classroom on an interactive whiteboard. It is a Powerpoint presentation so you can move the boxes that cover the prices of each item after the students have guessed the price- just like on a real game show!

  • You give your students a target budget (for example between $50-52).

  • The smaller the budget range, the more challenging it will be.

  • Students have to buy at least four of the items.

  • Ask one student to choose one item at a time.

  • The student guesses the price and chooses how many they want to buy of it.

  • Then you reveal the price, all of the students students calculate how much they have spent, and you move on to the next item!

Grades to Use With:

This is a fun game for grades 3-6 when you are studying money, grocery shopping, and decimal operations. Even kids in middle school will have fun playing along!

What's Included:

A total of 6 pages in PowerPoint Format (so you can move the price covers once your students have guessed).

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Holiday Treats

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