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Groundhog Day Writing Prompts and Activities

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Groundhog Day Writing Prompts and Activities

Crafting engaging and enjoyable writing activities for your Middle School or SPED students can sometimes be daunting. However, the Groundhog Day Writing Prompts and Activities resource is here to alleviate that burden, especially as you navigate the winter blues of February.

If history is your domain, this Groundhog Day Writing Prompts and Activities resource dives into the intriguing tales surrounding Groundhog Day, separating fact from legend, making for a delightful read for both you and your students. To catalyze your students' creativity, this bundle boasts task cards replete with creative writing prompts and even includes poetry activities.

For a structured writing experience, you'll find pre-writing tools, graphic organizers, and proof-reading directions. If grading poses a challenge, a grading rubric is conveniently included.

We understand the demands of teaching writing—it's often time-consuming and requires concerted effort. This comprehensive package is tailored to simplify your teaching experience.

· ◈ RESEARCH has shown◈ 
◈ It’s essential to set the purpose for writing because it influences
the decisions students make about style.
◈ Creative writing plays an important role in literacy development.
◈ Writing helps foster the imagination, artistic expression, clear
thinking and identity.
◈ Graphic organizers are visual tools that help children learn and
◈ Writing is a process, in addition to pre-writing, students need to
learn how to proof-read properly.


◈THIS IS WHAT YOU’LL GET ◈.                                                                                                 

◈. Complete Lesson Plan

◈. Is Groundhog Day Merely a Legend

◈. Interesting Facts

◈. Comprehension Questions

◈. Writing Prompt Task Cards

◈. Pre-writing Graphic Organizer

◈. Proof Reading

◈. Final Draft Instructions

◈. Grading Rubric

◈. Answers to Comprehension Questions

PERSONALLY, I loved teaching ELA to my students. Believe it or not, I   enjoyed reading their papers, they were so creative. Some of the ideas that I used in this RESOURCE were actually from my 6th graders. It always amazed me to see the improvements they made from the beginning of the year, they amazed themselves too. I hope these activities are what you need to turn your students on to writing and the writing process…

✔ Middle School
✔ Upper Elementary
✔ Special Ed Classrooms


 Copyright©2016 Deann Marin (Socrates Lantern)

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