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Socrates Lantern

TEACHING is a life long journey with many twists and turns in the road. Some days you want to shout from the highest mountain how much you LOVE it. Other days you feel like Sisyphus, the guy from Greek mythology, pushing a huge BOULDER up a hill. I’ve felt this way before and I know you have too… Am I right? BUUUT, you’ll keep on TRUCKIN since…. You’re an ENTHUSIASTIC teacher looking for a SPARK to IGNITE LEARNING and you’ve stopped by because…. You’re always searching for ENGAGING and CREATIVE activities that your MIDDLE SCHOOL students will eat up! You want to make learning fun with PROJECT BASED lessons, COLLABORATIVE GROUPS and much more… You strive to encourage GOOD BEHAVIOR, COMPASSION and EMPATHY in your students… and you’re PASSIONATE about NURTURING a LOVE of LEARNING…… I’ll assist and inspire you with ENGAGING LESSONS that will challenge, excite and be remembered long after the kids have left your classroom. I’m Deann and I want to be the beacon that lightens the path to this incredible JOURNEY you’re on. I know this because I’ve been there and done that. My journey as a SPED teacher began years ago, before there was inclusion. I worked with predominately Down’s Syndrome teens. They were with me all day so it was a challenge to dream up great lessons. Many of the kids would one day work in sheltered workshops, so we spent time preparing for that. One of my fondest memories was getting ready for the Special Olympics, the kids practiced by running up and down hills, learning to throw a ball as far as they could, and doing the standing broad jump. I can still remember their smiling faces when they received their medals. Talk about being proud! With a minor in psychology, I was ready to take on another challenge, I worked with emotionally handicapped elementary and middle school aged children. My heart went out to these kids, most from dysfunctional families. Talk about behavior issues, I became the QUEEN of BEHAVIOR MOD. For many years I struggled with principals and main stream teachers who just didn’t get it. These hurdles eventually took their toll on me so burnout was inevitable. Being that I’m certified to teach both SPED and Regular Ed, I was offered a position in 6th grade Social Studies/English. I was ecstatic, not only would I be able to change positions, but I’d be co-teaching with one of my closest friends. Teaching 6th grade was a dream come true. Most of the kids listened and were eager to learn. Creating exciting lessons that would turn them on to ANCIENT HISTORY and make it come alive, not the way I was taught as a child, was my new CHALLENGE. Instead of saying, “Why do I have to learn this,” or “This is boring,” They couldn’t wait for the lesson to begin. They loved the DEBATES, PLAYS, TRIALS, the films and even the ELA WRITING ACTIVITIES that went with them. Today, I’m no longer in the classroom. I’ve become a teacherpreneur who wants to help you on your JOURNEY with DISCIPLINE TIPS that I’ve learned over the years. I want to DEVOTE my time to making your JOURNEY a little easier by creating fun lessons that you don’t have to dream up yourself. SO, LET ME BE THAT LANTERN, shining for you whenever you need it.