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Guided Word Building: Systematic, Sequential Phonics Lessons

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Guided Word Building: Systematic, Sequential Phonics Lessons downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Guided Word Building: Systematic, Sequential Phonics Lessons

A meticulous and effective tool for innovative educators invested in fostering their students' solid phonics skills. This resource of 286 pages offers 82 systematic lessons that meticulously introduce each phonics pattern one at a time and then compare it with other related patterns.

Promotion of Phonemic Awareness:

The program achieves this by requiring students to keenly listen for differences in words and construct new words from those previously taught. This instills an inherent understanding of letter combinations used to construct words.

All-Inclusive Guide:

  • Includes pre-assessments to determine student's readiness.
  • Reproducible letter tiles and word mats for tactile experience.
  • Reproducible word journals allowing documentation of learned words.

The icing on the cake? A total of 30 phonetic readers, scalable for print in either large or compact formats, available at your disposal!


This learning resource can cater effectively across all teaching scenarios from larger classrooms down to small study groups or even one-on-one sessions; making it ideal not just regular teachers but also homeschooling parents alike.

Specially created for Kindergarten kids up until Grade 1 level, this learning material enhances vocabulary content delivery with its systematic lesson plans saved conveniently as PDF files that can be transferred easily between devices without any quality compromise.'
In essence, Guided Word Building promises enhanced learning outcomes along with enriched teaching experience. An ultimate tool transforming a meaningless jumble of letters into meaningful words, one lesson at a time.

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