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Halloween Math Order of Operations Mistery Picture Activity

Halloween Math Order of Operations Mistery Picture Activity
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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Title: Halloween Math Order of Operations Mystery Picture Activity

The Halloween Math Order of Operations Mystery Picture Activity is a teacher resource specifically designed for grades 5 to 7. Primarily utilized in math subjects, this activity focuses on the sub-topic order of operations, which builds a critical foundation for advanced mathematics. The product includes both the actual activity and solutions for easy review and grading.

This themed pixel art activity combines fun and learning by providing twenty different problems that require utilizing order of operations to solve. Integrating technology into learning, students will use Google Sheets to complete these tasks. As they correctly answer each problem, an intriguing mystery picture gradually emerges as part of their reward.

The no-prep nature allows educators flexibility in implementing this resource across various teaching settings. It can be easily adjusted for use within:

  • Large group instruction.
  • Small group instructions.
  • Ideal for homework or extra practice outside school hours due to its digital format.
Whilst parentheses are incorporated into the problems presented in this activity, it intentionally excludes the element of exponents.

This ensures that it aligns with math syllabi suitable for 5th to 7th graders who may not yet have grasped such complex concepts while still providing an engaging challenge that reinforces learned skills.

A Note For Educators:
This tool has been crafted by fellow educators who know what works best in classrooms today—it weaves education, creativity and technology seamlessly together— making learning not just informative but fun too! The Halloween Math Order of Operations via Mystery Picture Activity is a substantial instructional aid aimed at ensuring your students love every bit their journey towards math mastery while unveiling a delightful mystery artwork along their way.

What's Included

Pdf with the link to a copy of:

The actual activity


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