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Order of Operations Mystery Picture Math Digital Activity

An educational teaching resource from Matemaths entitled Order of Operations Mystery Picture Math Digital Activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Ignite the enthusiasm of your 5th-grade students with the thrilling Order of Operations Jigsaw Puzzle Activity—a dynamic and enjoyable way to practice essential math skills while having a blast.

This engaging resource requires no preparation on your part, making it a hassle-free addition to your math curriculum.

With its self-checking feature and the added intrigue of uncovering a mystery picture, this activity is sure to captivate your students' attention and keep them actively engaged in their learning journey.

Challenge your students to solve 16 expressions involving parentheses and no exponents.

As they correctly answer each question, an exciting mystery picture will gradually be revealed, creating an element of excitement and curiosity in their math practice. This enticing feature serves as a powerful motivator, inspiring students to strive for accuracy and proficiency in their problem-solving abilities.

In addition to the interactive digital format, a printable copy of the questions is included, providing flexibility in your teaching approach and accommodating different classroom settings.

The Order of Operations Jigsaw Puzzle Activity is not only engaging but also versatile. It's the perfect solution for early finishers, end-of-year activities, and invigorating back-to-school challenges. With its compatibility across laptops, tablets, and smartphones, this activity ensures accessibility for all learners, empowering them to participate and succeed.

Effortless implementation is a key advantage of this resource. Being an online activity with interactive pages, it requires minimal preparation on your part. Simply share the link with your students, and they can embark on their math adventure right away. There's no need to configure locks or hide clues—everything they need is conveniently accessible online. Furthermore, no Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins are necessary, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your students.

As a teacher who has utilized this activity successfully, including as a sub-plan in the 6th grade, I can personally attest to the high level of student engagement and enthusiasm it generates. The mystery picture concept truly captivates students, motivating them to eagerly work through the expressions and solidify their understanding of the order of operations.

What's Included

Pdf with the link to the activity

Printable version of the questions



Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.

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