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Order of Operations with Integers Mistery Picture

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Order of Operations with Integers Mystery Picture

The Order of Operations with Integers Mystery Picture is an innovative teaching resource developed for educators. This product specifically targets students from Grade 6 to Grade 8. It offers a unique blend of mathematics and fun as the learners discover a mystery picture while practising their mathematical skills.

Main Features:

  • An engaging activity based around the concept of 'Order of Operations'
  • A collection of 20 thought-provoking questions involving positive and negative integers
  • A self-checking system that promotes independent learning

Your convenience is given priority too, all thanks to its 'no-prep' attribute, which frees you from extensive preparations! In addition, it also provides flexibility in terms of when and how it can be used:

  1. As an additional challenge for early finishers.
  2. Repeated practice sessions throughout the school year for those needing more drill.
  3. An excellent start during back-to-school activities allowing students to refresh learned concepts.

The product scores high on technological compatibility - it runs seamlessly on multiple devices including laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Learners could save the address and continue where they left off if needed over different days!

What's included:

  • "Print-ready" versions along with solutions - providing several ways you could choose to incorporate these exercises into your teaching resources! Whole group lessons, small-group discussions or even as homework assignments- use them however you see fit!

In conclusion,
The Order of Operations with Integers Mystery Picture comes packed with features designed considering teachers' requirements - minimum prep-time and multi-device compatibility while offering a fun-filled learning strategy for your children. Sounds interesting? Try it today!

What's Included

A pdf with the link to the activity

Printable version of the questions


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