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Hands-On - Physical Science: Simple Machines Gr. 1-5

Hands-On - Physical Science: Simple Machines Gr. 1-5
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Hands-On - Physical Science: Simple Machines Gr. 1-5

An engaging teaching resource designed to make physical science more accessible and exciting for students from first to fifth grade. This product integrates different subjects, including science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) into a cohesive educational package.

Aligned with STEAM Initiatives and Next Generation Science Standards

This resource is consistent with STEAM initiatives and Next Generation Science Standards—preparing students adequately for their future academic pursuits through sound scientific learning experiences.

"Simple Machines" Chapter Slice

  • The chapter lets students explore energy-rich concepts while discovering the intricacies of simple mechanical devices like balanced and unbalanced forces.
  • The students measure the impact of gravity on objects through hands-on drop tests—an activity that enhances learning real-world physics principles.

Natural Environmental Phenomena Study

  • A method using thunder's sight and sound cues introduces lightning distance measurement—an interactive approach amplifying observational skills of the students.
  • The product also promotes an understanding of wave properties by modeling water, sound, and light waves—which also fosters team building among learners.
    • Demo: Static Electricity Experiment

      Learners get to experience static electricity firsthand by making a balloon stick to a wall—a demo showcasing electric forces at work!.

      Matter Properties Classification

      A section helps describe solids, liquids,& gases found in everyday life—a valuable extension linking classroom knowledge to practical applications.

      Taking It Further: Complex Machinery Integration
      Kids can collaborate by integrating two or more simple machines to create complex machinery—a task encouraging cooperative effort and teaching about object functionality—it also shows how modern-day appliances are made from basic machinery combinations!
      Comprehensive Teaching Aid Features
      1. The resource includes reading passages plus graphic organizers designed for effectively consolidating conceptual knowledge.
      2. 'Before-you-read' sections prepare young minds by setting expectations, reinforcing lesson plans significantly.
      3. Evaluation activities included allow for self-assessment ensuring conceptual retention over time.

      The resource is available as a PDF file, making it suitable for diverse teaching settings such as whole group lectures, small student groups or independent homework assignments.


      Hands-On - Physical Science: Simple Machines Gr. 1-5 serves as an effective tool in promoting both immersive and practical comprehension of fundamental physical science principles among young learners.

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