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Happy Birthday Everyone!: Birthday Bulletin board And door Decor kit

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About This Product

Transform your classroom into a festive celebration with our 'Our Class Birthday Bunch!', 'Happy Birthday!' and 'Birthdays' bulletin boards and door decor kits. Immerse students in a delightful, hands-on project to celebrate each student’s special day spicing up your learning space with joy and excitement.

What's Included:

Birthday Bulletin Board Kit:

Featuring adorable cupcake-shaped elements for extra fun in your class. The flexible designs convey heartfelt birthday wishes and foster a sense of unity within the class.

Festive Door Decor Elements:

Those are cheerful entrance ways that match birthday themes as well as having cupcakes which kids can easily see from their seats. Customise the cupcake parts using children’s names or counts to make it more personalized.

Inclusive Designs

Discover diverse all-pervading designs such as letters made of Multicolor, Outlines, Solid Black; ideal for sending greetings on birth days of all students.

Graphics in Different Sizes

Get the right size for your classroom layout so you can have an immersive experience that will fit perfectly into your room. Assorted graphics are perfect for different creative preferences.

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