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Healthy Eating Culminating Task: Expectations vs. Reality

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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Do you remember the shock you felt when you discovered that some of your favorite “healthy” foods weren’t as healthy as they were advertised to be?!? How old were you when you discovered that harsh reality? Are you still unveiling incorrectly advertised foods now? What if we taught students about this false advertising before adulthood? This task, amongst other activities, sets out to do just that.


This is a Healthy Eating Culminating Task: Expectations vs. Reality for students to complete. The objective of this task is to debunk healthy food advertising through research and then creating a presentation.


This is a resource that can be incorporated into a social studies unit or a health course for high school students.  


It is a 28-slide PowerPoint. It will begin with students watching a KFC commercial and then discussing the problems with commercials, such as this one. There will be a variety of advertisements for students to view and discuss from a range of fast-food places.


The PowerPoint will move to discussing and providing examples for 5 different advertising techniques. Students will be taught about the 3 persuasive techniques that are using in advertising.


Students will be tasked with:


-Promoting healthy eating habits and food choices within the school by creating an Expectations vs. Reality Posters

-Demonstrating their understanding of how media (an external factor) can affect people’s food choices and eating habits.

-Evaluating the foods advertised as “healthy” on the basis of the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.


Examples, a success criterion, planning organizers, and a rubric are included.

I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

A 28-slide editable PowerPoint

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