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Healthy Habits

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About This Product

Healthy Habits: Teaching Resource

Healthy Habits is a complete teaching resource meticulously designed to immerse students in learning essential habits for maintaining their health. This bundle provides educators with copious material covering 10 fundamental topics such as sleep, hydration, nutrition, hygiene, clean living environments, exercise and understanding illnesses.

The set comes in a 43-page printable PDF file format suitable for Grades 2-5.

Banners and Worksheets

Within the resource are vibrant banners for classroom decoration along with skillfully produced worksheets aligned with each topic. These foster reflection on how students practice healthy tips thereby aiding knowledge application.

I Can Posters & Articles

Also included are 'I can' posters that encourage student self-efficacy by envisioning the application of healthy norms discussed. There is also a set of nine expertly curated articles addressing each aforementioned health topic to serve as engaging readings during transitions into respective health themes.

Tips Lists & Anchor Charts

Additionally featured are lists furnishing useful tips on maintaining overall body well-being great conversation starters during group or pair work activities.
A total of nine anchor charts offer visual reminders about key points underlined in all discussed themes.

Writing Templates & Book Covers

The package comprises two writing templates centering on ways to keep our bodies healthy aimed at instigating student creativity while solidifying learnt concepts.
For those looking to create specialized student booklets promoting healthier bodies there are two book covers provided both in color and black & white variants. Note:The Healthy Habits resource offers varied use options ranging from facilitating whole group instruction initiation; small-group collaboration exercises; individual classwork assignments or even homely reinforcement tools extending learning opportunities beyond classroom bounds. This guarantees engagement while nurturing lifelong habit awareness within learners.

What's Included

A 43 page printable PDF

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