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"Hey Brother" Song/Lyrical Analysis Language Arts Lesson

"Hey Brother" Song/Lyrical Analysis Language Arts Lesson
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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Do you love using song lyrics to teach poetry, alliteration, figurative language, and more? I'm totally with you! This song/lesson featuring "Hey Brother" by Avicii is a great way to start introducing lyrical analysis into your lessons. Great for grades 6-9! No prep! This is done and ready for your students to start listening/analyzing!

Students will:

-analyze lyrics by using the provided task cards

-"mark-up" lyrics by finding figurative language, repetition, alliteration, and more

-make connections to themselves with lyrics

-complete a visual journal/writing project about their own relationship with their sibling 

*use in-class

*perfect for online/distance learning 

easy sub lesson*

What's Included

This resource includes a PPT of all the slides you need to teach this lesson (roughly 45 minutes). Teacher directions, including all the student copies, examples, and answer sheets are there! I've also included the Google Slides link, so you can access this if you're teaching virtual and share with students! Make a copy so you have your own saved in your Drive!

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