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"Hey Brother" Song/Lyrical Analysis Language Arts Lesson

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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

'Hey Brother' Song/Lyrical Analysis Language Arts Lesson

This educational material designed for grade 6-8 educators aims to use song lyrics as an innovative medium for language arts education. The students will delve into the world of 'Hey Brother' by Avicii, absorbing its message and better understanding alliteration.

Lyrical Analysis and Delivery

The lesson is centered on facilitating lyrical analysis, tailored not just for traditional classrooms but also suitable for online or distance learning settings. It focusses on identifying examples of figurative language, spotting repetition and alliteration patterns, and making meaningful personal connections with the textual content present.

Creative Visual Journalling

To further engage learners in the resourceful package, visual journalling tasks are added which require learners to share their unique narratives about their relationships with their siblings through writing projects.

  • Interactive task cards.

  • Analyzing song lyrics rather than simple listening.

  • Digital Capabilities & Resources Available
    • No preparation time needed from teachers to deliver this lesson,
    • An adaptable design that works both offline (PowerPoint) and online (Google Slides),
    • An addition of precious resources such as answer key sheets or student copy documents solidify your execution strategy bringing efficacy into practice!
    In essence,

    This comprehensive, flexible and engaging learning resource stretches beyond conventional teaching boundaries aligning the vibrancy of music within modern pedagogy methods. Check out 'Hey Brother' Song/Lyrical Analysis Language Arts Lesson today!

    What's Included

    This resource includes a PPT of all the slides you need to teach this lesson (roughly 45 minutes). Teacher directions, including all the student copies, examples, and answer sheets are there! I've also included the Google Slides link, so you can access this if you're teaching virtual and share with students! Make a copy so you have your own saved in your Drive!

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    song analysis language arts music education figurative language alliteration

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