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How Things Move - Foldable and Cut and Paste (English and Spanish)

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About This Product

How Things Move - Foldable and Cut-and-Paste (English and Spanish)

The actionable resource 'How Things Move' is perfect for kindergarten, preschool, grade 1, and grade 2 students. It offers a hands-on approach to basic science through an engaging foldable activity plus a cut-and-paste task.

Foldable Component

  • This part of the resource enables students to leverage creativity while solidifying class-taught concepts.
  • They engage conceptually with directions by drawing diagrams or arrows in their science journals- fostering visual learning.

Cut-and-Paste Task

  • This section caters both visual and kinesthetic learners.
  • They get to experiment with arranging elements that embody movement principles underpinning elementary science curriculum.

Note:This dualistic resource is available in both English and Spanish versions, making it adaptable for diverse classrooms or homeschooling scenarios where multiple languages might be spoken.

The four-page layout makes the material compact yet potent. It can either stimulate intimate classroom discussions during dedicated science periods or work as an interactive homework assignment reinforcing lessons learnt during school hours at home as well.

In conclusion,'How Things Move - Foldable and Cut-and-Paste (English and Spanish)' efficiently fosters multi-sensorial interaction between young minds' curiosity about their immediate world's workings based on established scientific precepts.This versatile functionality makes it ideal for front line educators needing effective resources ready to disseminate amongst enthusiastic young scientists!

What's Included

A total of 4 pages.

Resource Tags

hands-on learning science education interactive activities bilingual teaching kinesthetic learning

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