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How to Cook a Turkey -|Writing and Sequencing Activity

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About This Product

This expansive writing toolkit centers around the festive example of cooking a turkey to teach young students procedural "how-to" composition. With abundant resources catering to diverse learning modalities, the product transforms an appealing real-world routine into an engaging literacy lesson that develops sequence skills vital for quality procedural writing.

Two anchor charts visually introduce the conventions of the genre while offering transition words to connect steps chronologically. Detailed checklists support student self-evaluation at two ability levels. A sample "How to Cook a Turkey" modeled by the teacher demonstrates key features like imperative verbs, listing required tools and ingredients and safety tips.

Vivid sequencing tasks with illustration cards reinforce the logical flow spanning thawing, prepping, roasting and basting. Versions with and without text support differentiation. Writing templates further reinforce ordering from beginning to end while building confidence to incorporate personal perspectives.

Primary-lined composition booklets with pictures to color create enthusiasm for writing the procedural passage. Finished how-to guides shine when decorated with final draft templates featuring a decadent roasted turkey demonstrating the delicious outcome! This cross-curricular resource easily integrates science, math and life skills into literacy instruction on an essential writing form.

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