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How to Make a Rootbeer Float | Writing and Sequencing Activity

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This resources taps into students’ interest in a classic ice cream treat to engage young writers in learning how to explain a process using sequential “how-to” writing. The materials creatively break down the steps to assemble the beloved summertime snack into a simple sequence designed to motivate emerging students. Various printable templates guide children to color, cut out, organize, and describe the methodology for crafting the perfect root beer float.

The packet incorporates two leveled writing checklists appropriate for kindergarten through early elementary to reinforce core procedural writing skills. Vivid pictorial cards demonstrate the root beer float construction while corresponding vocabulary word cards allow for matching games or displays. A sample how-to paragraph models the format and a summer-inspired sequencing word bank introduces key transition terms.

Primary workbook-style templates encourage students to enumerate or depict the necessary ingredients, kitchen tools, safety considerations, and step-by-step methodology for the tasty treat. Extensions guide young writers to invent their own ice cream flavor combinations and toppings or to craft stories starring root beer float characters. A final draft ice cream glass template offers the possibility of actually assembling the frosty beverage in class once the process is mapped.

With opportunities to strengthen fine motor skills, sequence events, practice transition words, apply controlled writing, and develop ice-cream inspired narratives, students gain confidence applying core how-to writing techniques to a delicious topic that fuels imagination. The cross-disciplinary focus marries science and literacy learning through hands-on engagement around the timeless root beer float.

This versatile resource allows flexible implementation ranging from whole group float crafting demonstrations to individual student work. Both emerging and early writers will relish diving into the summery printables and activities built around the classic chilled dessert.

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