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How to Write a Paragraph: Drafting Your Paragraph - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

How to Write a Paragraph: Drafting Your Paragraph - FLASH-MAC

Drafting an exceptional paragraph is one of the fundamental skills that students need to develop in their educational journey. To assist teachers, this robust and comprehensive teaching aid called "How to Write a Paragraph: Drafting Your Paragraph - FLASH-MAC" has been designed specifically with fifth- though eighth-grade educators in mind.

This valuable resource offers comprehensive guidance on teaching the art of paragraph critique. All content aligns with Common Core State Standards and supports cognitive learning at various levels through activities inspired by Bloom's Taxonomy.

Included Content:

  • Reading passages for comprehension enhancement.
  • 'Before you read' prompts for pre-reading strategies.
  • 'After you read' questions for summarizing learning outcomes from the reading passage.

This standalone product includes engaging interactive activities which blend traditional and modern teaching methods. Besides writing practice, it incorporates language arts-based games and printable resources.

Vocabulary Building:

To help students expand their vocabulary over time, enhancing both reading comprehension and written expression skills, vocabulary flashcards are included in this package.

Ease of Organizing Ideas:

The resource provides graphic organizers that visually structure thoughts and ideas, simplifying the drafting process by eliminating feelings of being overwhelmed.

This versatile educational tool caters to various instruction settings like whole group school instructions or small group homeschool sessions. It could also be used as part of homework assignments promoting independent practice outside class hours too. The software is Mac compatible making it convenient regardless if lessons are held virtually or in tech-forward classrooms

"How to Write a Paragraph: Drafting Your Paragraph - FLASH-MAC" is an essential tool that makes teaching and learning paragraph drafting both effective and enjoyable for teachers and students.

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